HAL  v0.6.1
Hardware Abstraction Layer
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modbus_channel_attr_t Struct Reference

#include <hal_modbus.h>

Data Fields

gpio_pin_t recv_pin
 receive pin
gpio_pin_t drive_pin
 drive pin
gpio_pin_t recv_en_pin
 receive enable pin
gpio_pin_t drive_en_pin
 drive enable pin
uint32_t baudrate
bool low_power_enable

Field Documentation

◆ baudrate

uint32_t modbus_channel_attr_t::baudrate

◆ drive_en_pin

gpio_pin_t modbus_channel_attr_t::drive_en_pin

drive enable pin

◆ drive_pin

gpio_pin_t modbus_channel_attr_t::drive_pin

drive pin

◆ low_power_enable

bool modbus_channel_attr_t::low_power_enable

◆ recv_en_pin

gpio_pin_t modbus_channel_attr_t::recv_en_pin

receive enable pin

◆ recv_pin

gpio_pin_t modbus_channel_attr_t::recv_pin

receive pin

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